XPM Services Turf Care

About the Company.....

        XPM Services has been servicing your area for over 14 years now. We are a growing business with a vision to provide quality services for a variety of lawn management needs. We have a staff of fully trained, certified and licensed professionals. 

        We offer the same services as our competitors, but we offer lower prices and better customer service. Our lower prices drive more and more customers to us everyday. We have plans to fit everyone's budget.

        XPM does not require a contract  to use our services. We don't want to lock you into services if you are not happy with them. You have the freedom start or stop services when you want to. We are confident  that you will always be happy with our services.

        We Strive to service your property on time when we say we will. If for some reason (weather, sickness, or mechanical issues) we can not make it the day we stated, we will notify you and let you know when we will be there. We will not leave you wondering where we are or when we are going to show up to service your property.

You Deserve It. A Thick, Green, Weed Free Lawn!!

Thank You for Choosing XPM Services!


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